Better energy means the world to us

Orchid Energy is a Brisbane company with world-class experience in clean energy and offshore wind development, working on a vision to actively contribute to Queenslands energy transformation.

Queensland is in the middle of a once in a century energy transformation. Our economic and social outlook will depend on our ability to take ambitious action on climate change and build and create new opportunities for Queenslanders.

Our ideas reflect our passion and interest in innovation and sustainable impact. Our work blends the prospect of reliable, new sources of offshore wind energy with genuine environmental and social benefits – improving the world we live in.

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Our Projects

‘Gigawatt scale’ clean energy developments close to large population growth centres and key industrial regions.

Investment that supports the creation of new, profitable and resilient supply chains and workforces.

A means to diversify and balance onshore renewable energy generation and storage.

Developed with environmental sensitivity and the aim of coexisting with existing marine industries.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is a portfolio of offshore wind farms to generate renewable electricity and green hydrogen and create significant long-term economic and social value for Queensland.

Clean energy projects on this scale are only just emerging in Australia but are common overseas. Opting for suitable projects on such a significant scale could see the potential delivery of up to thirteen gigawatts of new clean energy projects in appropriate offshore locations, close to growing populations where the potential for matched growth in ports, manufacturing, industry, high value jobs and services will be substantial.

Importantly, deployment of renewable energy at this scale will be key to accelerating our exit from fossil fuel generation and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change, like extreme weather, habitat changes and damage to the Great Barrier Reef.

Why offshore energy?

Large scale offshore wind and hydrogen production offers significant potential to meet our future energy needs and drive new industry and value creation in key regional areas.

Presently, Queensland has the lowest penetration of renewable energy in Australia. As existing fossil fuel generation ages and becomes increasingly unreliable, this makes the task of transitioning to cleaner, cheaper renewable energy much more challenging and urgent.

One option to achieve our clean energy targets is to look at proven renewable energy generation on a state-wide scale – an approach capable of doing the ‘heavy lifting’ required to transform Queensland energy sector over the next decade.

Protecting Queensland’s ecological assets
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Development of our innovative offshore wind and hydrogen initiatives will deliver net positive community and environmental outcomes.  
Offshore wind development will avoid designated conservation, protection and habitat buffer zones in place to protect the Great  Barrier Reef ecosystem. Developments will also avoid State marine parks, regions for protection of bird and ocean species, and will be designed with sensitivity to key tourism towns on the doorstep to places of outstanding natural  beauty and ecological significance. 

Mapping a pathway to net zero emissions

The Queensland Government has made a commitment to unlock renewable energy investment and achieve a renewable energy target of 80% by 2035. Offshore wind could play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

With the potential to provide up to 13GW of clean energy, our projects could contribute to Queensland achieving this target.

Additionally, projects will have capacity to produce large-scale green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen is likely to play a significant role in energy storage, as a fuel for future transportation needs and as a means of rapidly decarbonising Queensland industrial processes.

Innovation and technology

Orchid Energy is working with ERM Dolphyn to take forward innovative green hydrogen production from offshore wind.

ERM Dolphyn offers the opportunity to provide early access to its first of a kind floating wind energy system for producing affordable hydrogen from seawater at industrial scale.